Fashion Week Hair Trends…

Mar 09, 2017

The hair story differed somewhat to what we usually see on the A/W runway. Words such as ‘innocent’, ‘angelic’ and ‘pure’ were used to describe many of the effortless looks – something that is more commonly seen of the S/S catwalks. That being said, slicked ponies and bed head textures appeared intermittently, reminding us that choice is always on offer.

Here are our favourite looks and how you can achieve them using Tecni.ART



The Peek Pony

Inspiration: Last Seasons pretty little rich girl goes on a night out

Hair by Anthony Turner 

1. Sweep the top section of hair from one side to the other

2. Saturate section by section with a combination of Tecni.ART Pli and Tecni.ART Full Volume Extra, making sure to keep the side-swept front section separate

3. Directional blow dry, then apply Mythic Oil through the mid-lengths to ends for a smooth finish

4. To create the pony, sweep the hair around to the opposite side to the parting, making sure the ear peeks out before fastening with an elastic

5. Finish with Mythic Oil and Infinium Extra Strong



The Band-less Pony
Inspiration: Understated goth meets high-end fashion

Hair by Adam Reed, Percy & Reed 

1. Dampen the hair with water and spray Tecni.ART Pli through out

2. To help create a defined shape apply Tecni.ART Glue through mid-lengths to ends

3. Pull hair back into a low pony then blow dry on a slow speed until set

4. Once dry, cut the elastic and separate out the ‘glued’ ends to leave a slightly undone look 



East Meets West Pony

Inspiration: A fresh and innocent take that moves away from last seasons darkness
Hair by Anthony Turner

1. Apply Tecni.ART Pli section by section then blow dry

2. Create a centre parting  and apply Mythic Oil to the lengths and ends for added shine 

3. Secure pony with elastic and spray Infinium Extra Strong to finish



Boyish Modern Pony

Inspiration: Minimialism
Hair by Stephen Low, Neville Hair & Beauty

1. Part the hair dramatically to one side

2. Combing through Volume Architect and blow dry smooth

3. Smooth any fly-aways with Liss Control + and spritiz Fix Design for hold

4. Smooth down and secure in a low pony



Effortlessly Pony

Inspiration: Luxe fabric meets luxe hair

Hair by Daniel Fiorio  

1. Prep hair with Tecni.ART Sleek & Swing and Liss Control to provide gentle frizz control and shine

2. To get a perfect sheen, straighten the hair using Steampod

3. Part the hair in the centre and tie at the nape of the neck.

4. Loosen the hair slightly from the band to create a soft effect, and wrap a strand of hair around the band to finish




"Just Woke-Up"

Inspiration: Effortless bed head with natural texture
Hair by Stephen Lowe

1. Prep dry hair with Tecni.ART Messy Cliché to give natural wave

2. Blow dry the hair, while raking your hands through the lengths to smooth

3. Using a large tong, take ample-sized sections and create barely-there bends through the mid-lengths

4. Shake, then massage in Tecni.ART Super Dust to the roots and lengths to create a natural bedhead texture



Inspiration: Morroccan Talita Wave
Hair by Adam Reed, Percy & Reed

1. Spray Tecni.ART Beach Waves throughout for a matte, dry and textured finish

2. Dry the hair working with the natural shape or twist drying

3. Apply a little Tecni.ART Scruff Me for a boost of grungy dishevelled texture



"Natural Unwashed"

Inspiration: Natural and unwashed with a gothic feel

Hair by Stephen Lowe 

1. Prep the hair by applying Tecni.ART Beach Waves throughout

2. Twist the lengths and dry them to give this hint of natural movement

3. Apply a blend of Tecni.ART Density Material and Liss Control + serum to the roots for an unwashed sheen effect

4. Simply rake back the hair with your fingers to one side



"Glassy Smooth Hair"
Inspiration: 90's Versace

Hair by Duffy 

1. Spray Tecni.ART Pli to slightly damp hair

2. Blow dry hair.

3. Straighten the hair with Steampod for the ultimate shine and control