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How to Boost The Health of Your Hair

In recent years, hair health has shot straight to the top of our hair agenda. Call it a knock-on effect of the wellness movement or peg it to the emerging notion of the skinification of hair, but we have never been quite so attuned to the signifiers of hair health, from the strength of our strands, bounce of our curls to the balance of our scalps.

For Kérastase, hair health has always been a key priority, as exemplified by their game-changing Fusio-Dose treatment. A prescriptive professional in-salon hair treatment, it’s the ultimate quick-fix for a multitude of hair concerns. With each bespoke treatment blended according to your unique hair needs, Fusio-Dose uses high-grade active ingredients famous in skincare to boost the health of your hair in a matter of minutes.

But why is healthy hair so important? And how can you utilise Fusio-Dose to keep yours in tip-top condition? Keep reading to find out.


From mirror-like shine to neatly trimmed ends, what makes a head of hair look ‘healthy’ is largely subjective. Truly healthy hair, however, is hair that is strong from root to tip, outer cuticle to inner cortex. Healthy hair is resilient and is able to stand up to potential hair stressors.


Hair health is the crux of everything. Not only can it massively affect the way your hair looks, impacting everything from shine to colour vibrancy, texture to curl pattern, but hair health will also influence how hair behaves. Healthy hair will grow strong and resilient; unhealthy hair will feel weak and vulnerable.


The short answer: pretty much everything.

First and foremost, the choices we make when it comes to haircare will have a big impact. Excessive heat styling can zap hair of moisture and elasticity, while certain haircare ingredients can strip hair of hydration. The potential for damage doesn’t stop there. So many lifestyle factors can affect hair health, too, from stress levels to sleep, dietary choices to the environment around us. And then there are a whole host of other health implications that could have a knock-on effect on your hair too, like hormone imbalances or other ongoing illnesses.

While improving the health of your hair undoubtedly requires a holistic approach, you can make marked improvements simply by introducing hi-tech hair products into your regime as well as utilising the best hair treatments out there. And that’s where Fusio-Dose comes in.

How Can Fusio-Dose Improve The Health of Your Hair

A boundary-pushing treatment exclusive to salons, Fusio-Dose plies hair with a potent, custom and fresh blend of active ingredients, chosen specifically for your unique hair needs and concerns. Quick action molecules powered by micro-emulsion technology are able delivery intensely conditioning, nourishing, recovering and strengthening ingredients to the precise areas that need them the most.

Fast-working, the treatment is sprayed onto hair at the backwash, massaged in and then rinsed out a mere five minutes later revealing instantly-transformed hair. Better still, this shot of health lasts up to five whole washes.


Uniquely personal, Fusio-Dose is a custom hair treatment that is tailored to your individual hair needs and concerns. That’s why at the start of every treatment, your stylist will undertake a thorough diagnosis, looking closely at the hair and scalp to identify your specific needs as well as gaining your input on your biggest hair bugbears.

What comes after a diagnosis? A prescription. Your stylist will then use this information to recommend the perfect Fusio-Dose custom combination for you. Each Fusio-Dose treatment involves professionally blending a Concentre base formula with a targeted Booster, which work in tandem to tend to both your primary and secondary hair concerns.

There’s seven Concentres and Six Boosters from which to pick-and-mix, totalling an impressive 42 possible combinations. Below find some of the hero combinations popular amongst Kerastase fans.

To Strengthen Blonde Hair

Concentre Vita-Ciment + Booster Cicafibre

Teaming famously hydrating hyaluronic acid with strengthening ceramides, this combination will illuminate blonde tones, recover damage and create softer, stronger strands.

To Tone Blonde Hair

Concentre [H.A] Ultra Violet + Booster Cicafibre

This combination offers instant colour neutralisation to rid hair of brassiness while also illuminating and strengthening blonde hair.

To Prevent Hair Fall

Concentre Oleo Fusion + Booster Genesis

Amino acids are blended with ginger extract in this combination which boosts hair resilience and fibre strength, limiting excess hair fall.

To Protect Coloured Hair

Concentre Pixelist + Booster Reconstruction

This combination improves surface shine as well as offering deep down radiance and contains both jojoba oil and glycerin.

To Recover Damaged Hair

Concentre Vita-Ciment + Booster Nutrition

Intensely nourishing, this combination prevents breakage and reduces split ends, plying hair with glycerin and ceramides.

To Strengthen And Nourish Curls

Concentre de Forme + Booster Nutrition

Designed with curly and coily hair in mind, this combination offers intense moisture to improve curl strength and bounce.

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